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Do you need to brush up on festive Spanish vocabulary? Learn some Spanish Christmas words with this wordsearch. (Drawn from Buena Idea - Time Saving Ideas and Resources or Busy Spanish teachers.

) How can the answer be improved? This difficult puzzle includes many Spanish words about Christmas, including food terms. Spanish Christmas Word Search Word Search with Spanish Vocabulary about Christmas (La Navidad). This word search contains the following 12 words: acebo, adornos, árbol de navidad, familia, guirnalda, luces, nochebuena, pavo, regalos, reno, velas, villancicos.

This Word Search is completely in Spanish without any English on the worksheet. It is ideal for Spanish 1 (word search with clues) or Spanish 2 (word search without clues). We have a similar version of this Christmas word search with vocabulary in English. Link to Printable Spanish Christmas Activities Coloring Pages with Spanish Captions The same blog also has set of images of Christmas vocabulary with Spanish captions.

A word search is a much more effective learning activity in a second language if the words are associated with images. Simple wordsearch in Spanish with key vocabulary for Christmas (Navidad) Simple wordsearch in Spanish with key vocabulary for Christmas (Navidad).

Navidad (Christmas) Wordsearch. Simple wordsearch in Spanish with key vocabulary for Christmas (Navidad). Store Store home Elements Magazine Community Community home Latest posts Search forums. Spanish Christmas, Spanish Holidays, Spanish Classroom, Teaching Spanish, Ap Spanish, Spanish Language, Rey, Kind, Learn Spanish Find this Pin and more on 6th Grade Unit 2 (Familia y celebraciones) by Autumn Yates.

Los Números Spanish Numbers Word Search Puzzle is a fun way for beginning. Find this Pin and more on Spanish teaching by sharna. Los Números Spanish Numbers 1-20 Word Search Puzzle is a fun way for beginning level Spanish students to practice Spanish numbers.

Introduction: The principle difference between a Spanish Christmas and the Anglo Saxon version is the importance of the 6th January. In Spain this is when presents are given and the three" magic" kings give the presents not father Christmas.

Search history Explore SpanishDict We've combined the most accurate English to Spanish translations, dictionary, verb conjugations, and Spanish to English translators into one very powerful search. Home > Spanish > Spanish Word Search Worksheets.

Spanish Word Search Worksheets. Search worksheet De viaje/On a trip Word Search worksheet Las frutas/Fruits Word Search worksheet La escuela/School Word Search worksheet La Navidad/Christmas Word Search worksheet Cinco de Mayo Word Search worksheet Día de los Muertos/Day of the Dead Word.

Spanish Word Search Puzzles. Help build students' familiarity with Spanish characters and spelling with a Spanish word search! Accented characters are featured in the puzzles, so students will be able to see which combinations of characters go together in Spanish, and focus on how Spanish words are spelled and accented.

SPANISH CHRISTMAS RESOURCES. Art, craft and colouring Display Intercultural Number activities. Navidades - special days over the Spanish festive period (MS Word 49 KB) Empareja las palabras (MS Word 402 KB). (MS Word 32 KB) Christmas in Mexico (MS Word 44 KB) Un villancico (MS Word 22 KB) Christmas in Spain. The themes are a regular Christmas search for words like “carol” and “Merry Christmas” and a Nativity word search for words like Baby Word search in spanish christmas and miracle.

I currently only have the English version available but am working on other languages such as Spanish, French, Indonesian, and more.

Spanish Activities. The following Spanish activities are used to build vocabulary, especially in children. The matching exercises encourage students to learn vocabulary by matching the objects name to its picture.

Other activities are availble that you may also enjoy. Free Spanish Christmas word search for your classes! Enjoy! ¡Feliz Navidad! SPANISH CHRISTMAS RESOURCES. Art, craft and.

Navidades - special days over the Spanish festive period (MS Word 49. Jumbo Christmas wordsearch Dec 18, 2012. Christmas is just a week away! This post is a combination of various printable Christmas materials that Word search in spanish christmas and parents may find useful. Dec 11, 2015. Spanish Christmas Word Search Worksheet and Vocabulary - This Christmas word search puzzle contains 27 clues for common Christmas.