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Just looking at your GCHQ puzzle solving page at the meta puzzle. Number 7 - On the Level, I can't quite follow what you did with the letters to get the answer, I think you've kind of rotated them - but what I did was to rotate the second circuit board by 180 degrees and follow the circuit again. new mega-comment for 2015 gchq quiz UPDATE: the answers have been published - discussion thread here. < Gchq xmas puzzle reddit > As the original thread has become very confusing, I suggested making a new thread, and received several messages of support, one of which suggested posting directly below the original mega-comment.

Welcome to WIRED UK. This site uses cookies to improve your experience and deliver personalised advertising. Reddit is trying to solve GCHQ's crypto Christmas puzzle. between them have made. Director GCHQ's Christmas Puzzle. Congratulations on solving Part 1 of the Director's puzzle.

As the competition is now closed, please find below all of the puzzle parts. Director's Christmas Puzzle - index of all parts. A Christmas card with a. GCHQ Christmas puzzle likely to be worked out before festive season. GCHQ puzzle one Photograph: GCHQ. According to players on the Reddit thread. This year, along with his traditional Christmas cards, Director GCHQ Robert Hannigan is including a brain-teasing puzzle that seems certain to exercise the grey matter of participants over the holiday season.

The card, which features the 'Adoration of the Shepherds' by a pupil of Rembrandt, includes. GCHQ has finally released the solution to their head spinning Xmas Puzzle, after all, the participants failed to reach the final answer. GCHQ had released a crypto puzzle, dubbed Gchq xmas puzzle reddit Puzzle, on 9th December in the form of a Christmas Card that went viral online soon after its release.

Nearly. Welcome to WIRED UK. This site uses cookies to improve your experience and deliver personalised advertising. Reddit is trying to solve GCHQ's crypto Christmas puzzle. Each of the puzzles. Jan 4 GCHQ Christmas Puzzle Solutions Part 2 Meta Puzzle. Alaric Stephen. GCHQ, Puzzles. Part 1 led us to need an 8 character answer from the meta puzzle: a collection of 8 picture clues form a puzzle hunt and they should all give a short phrase or word.

Facebook 0 Twitter Google Reddit Tumblr 0 Likes. Alaric Stephen. Show 2 comments The puzzle was released to the public in the GCHQ Christmas card and later posted on the agency’s website.

It has prompted weeks of frustration among the tens of thousands of people who have. Professor Alan Woodward reveals how to crack GCHQ's online puzzle - designed to help them recruit codebreakers and hackers. L ast year’s quiz, which started with a grid-style puzzle printed in the GCHQ Director’s official Christmas card, attracted 600, 000 entries from all over the world.

Oct 23, 2016. The xmas puzzle last year had another 5 pages of puzzles after the. The fractions do have a purpose - nothing GCHQ puts in its puzzles is for confusion!. . top of the web pages in the background to 'GCHQ Puzzle Book Dec 10, 2015.

Start at and. I got book for christmas, and inside is > [ the] world's hardest puzzle that 'will take months to. Dec 10, 2015. Reddit is trying to solve GCHQ's crypto Christmas puzzle.

the denizens of Reddit's Puzzles subreddit have set out to solve a Christmas puzzle. Jan 28, 2016. Nobody has cracked GCHQ's crypto Christmas Puzzle. Not even the hivemind of Reddit has been able to crack the case. To complete the first. Dec 16, 2015. GCHQ, has included a rather tantalising puzzle with his Christmas card.

is even more information about the subsequent puzzles on Reddit. Feb 9, 2016. No One was able to Crack GCHQ Crypto Xmas Puzzle. resolve this puzzle had created a buzz over various online forums like Reddit, which. Dec 10, 2015. Discuss on reddit!. See the GCHQ post for the full image. . So, we're looking to map our puzzle into a CNF expression, with the idea that.