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I’ve compiled a list of Chinese Christmas songs that will surely interest all of you. “圣诞节” by Exo | “Christmas Day” by Exo. who would release. 49 rows · List of songs recorded by Exo Jump to.

Song Writer Album Year Ref" Baby Don't Cry" Andrew Choi Im Kwang-wook Kalle Engstrom Kim Tae-sung Ophelia XOXO: 2013. " What I Want for Christmas" JQ Seolim For Life: 2016" What if. " The Underdogs Patrick 'J. Que' Smith The discography of the South Korean-Chinese boy band Exo consists of five studio albums, six extended plays, two live albums and twenty four singles. Exo was formed by the Korean entertainment company S. M. Entertainment in 2011, and formerly consisted of twelve members separated into two sub-groups, Exo-K and Exo-M, releasing the same music simultaneously in both Korean and.

45 rows · List of songs recorded by South Korean-Chinese boy group EXO and its sub-units EXO-K. Read Track List Song EXO (Full Album/Single) from the story EXO song lyric by minrin614 (변민린 'ㅅ') with 7, 090 reads.

lyric, kris, kpop. •EXO - 'MAMA' [The 1st M. A playlist of all their songs (Korean and Chinese) released in their albums so far: ) Hope you enjoy ^__^ Please tell me if I have missed any songs! Read EXO songs list from the story K-ULTUREFIED by SweetSweven (Aezel Joy Boje) with 11, 278 reads. kculture, koreafacts, kpop. 2012 (Debut Album)KOREAN EXO-K. Korean boy band EXO returned on Tuesday (Dec. 26) with the release of their fourth winter-themed EP, Universe. The new album was released the day after Christmas, and contains three variations of.

Jan 02, 2018 · Miracle in December will always be the iconic exo sadboi Christmas song, but the Universe album has taken its place as the supreme EXO Christmas album. I love RnB exo and each and every song in the Universe album is a bop EXO will be Exo christmas album songs list their Christmas tradition this year!

Since 2013, the boys have always released a winter song Miracles in Decemb. EXO will release a Christmas special album in December. Girls' Generation, EXO, Infinite, IU, Crayon Pop, B1A4, f(x) and more K-pop songs will get you in the Christmas spirit even if you don't understand a word of Korean with the 25 best K. There's twenty four days before Christmas in December, and on the 24th day there's 24 hours before Christmas Day.

But, divide 24 by 2 and you get 12. December is the 12th month of the year and they also originally started with 12 members. Miracles in December is the overall second EP by South Korean-Chinese boy band Exo. It was released by S. M. Entertainment on December 9, 2013. Presented as a special winter album, Miracles in December is a follow-up to the group's first studio album XOXO. However, the song was only performed by four Exo members: Byun. Here is a complete list of songs by the South Korean boy band Exo.

Contents. 0– 9; A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J; K; L; M; N; O; P; Q; R; S; T; U; V; W; X; Y; Z; Other songs. 0-9[edit]. Song, Writer, Album, Year, Ref. " Christmas Day"Misfit · Miracles in December, 2013. " Cloud 9"Misfit, Ex'Act, 2016. " Coming Over" dagger.

Mar 15, 2016. 咆哮 (Growl)(EXO-M). Winter Special Album: Miracle In December (2013) Korean ver: 1. 12월의 기적 (Miracles In December) 2. Christmas Day Miracles in December. EXO. Released December 9, 2013. 7. 1K. Christmas Day Lyrics. 3. EXO WINTER SPECIAL ALBUM, 2017 'UNIVERSE 2017.

Show all. 6 Songs, 24 Minutes. Preview. Miracles in December - EP EXO · Christmas; 2013. In May of 2013, EXO released their full-length debut album, XOXO. Both the. Product Information / Track List. 엑소 겨울 스페셜앨범 - 12월의 기적 (한국어버전) 01. 12월의 기적 (Miracles in December) 02. Christmas Day 03. The Star 04. The album topped Korean music charts on its release. " Christmas Day" 5: 38: 10. List of songs recorded by Exo; EXO-CBX discography; Korean Ver.

01. 12월의 기적 (Miracles In December) 02. Christmas Day 03. The Star 04. My Turn To Cry 05. 첫 눈 06. 12월의 기적 (Classical Orchestra ver.

) Chinese Ver. .